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Yes, Connect Appointments has an in-house payroll department to ensure accurate and timely payment for temporary staff. We take care of payroll administration, including tax deductions and compliance with employment regulations.

Connect Appointments is committed to staying up to date with industry trends and changes. We actively participate in industry events, collaborate with professional associations, and invest in ongoing training and development for our consultants.

Connect Appointments offers a range of recruitment services, including temporary staffing, permanent placements, managed contract services. Tailoring our offerings to meet your specific needs.

Connect Appointments understands the urgency of filling vacancies promptly. We aim to provide you with suitable candidates within a timely manner, based on your specific requirements and the availability of qualified candidates – keeping you informed during the entire process.

Absolutely. Connect Appointments has experience in managing high-volume recruitment projects. Whether you need to hire a large number of temporary staff, fill multiple permanent positions, or cover sick/holiday leave, our team is equipped to handle the scale and deliver efficient results.

Connect Appointments has a rigorous screening and vetting process in place. Our consultants conduct thorough interviews, skill assessments, and reference checks to ensure we present you with quality candidates who meet your criteria.

Connect Appointments caters to a wide range of industries, including production and manufacturing, logistics and distribution, technical and engineering, administration, transport, and more. With specialised divisions to ensure we find the right candidates for your industry.

Connect Appointments specialises in connecting employers with top talent. We have a team of experienced consultants who understand your industry and can source candidates that meet your specific requirements.