As members of the Association of Labour Providers (ALP), we have access to the latest information and services ensuring our recruitment practices are in line with industry standards and regulations. Promoting responsible recruitment when supplying workers to industrial, food and drink, warehousing, logistics and supply chain sectors.

Stronger Together is a business-led co-operative that works closely with the GLAA and various charities to identify and tackle human exploitation. Our partnership integrates this critical issue into our recruitment and ongoing labour co-ordination efforts; undergoing an annual accreditation and regular auditing process.

We take the safety and wellbeing of job seekers very seriously, partnering with JobsAware to ensure individuals are always protected when searching for work, providing job seekers with the resources they need to find meaningful employment, while protecting them from any potential scams or exploitation.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) is a leading representative body for the recruitment industry. Providing access to professional support services, such as: employee relations, employment law, immigration, and labour market trends.

By pledging the organisations Code of Professional Practice, we ensure ethical and responsible practices, and a high standard of service at all times – regularly auditing to ensure transparency.

Our work in the labour sector has a direct impact on our client’s reputation and position in the goods supply chain. For this reason, we maintain the same high operational standards that we set for our clients.

Through our partnership with Sedex, we can effectively manage and minimise risks related to labour rights, health and safety, and the environment; whilst reinforcing our commitment to openness, transparency, integrity, and accountability.

As members of the Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), we prioritise protecting candidates from exploitation in industries such as: agriculture, horticulture, shellfish, food and drink. This accreditation is a legal requirement that enables us to provide candidates to these sectors, while ensuring their safety in the workplace.