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Ask the Expert

“When prepping a candidate for an interview, I always advise them to do their homework. Research the company, familiarise yourself with their market sector, competitors and the products they deal with. Find out about any recent announcements or new projects too – it’ll really make you stand out at the interview.

“Know your CV inside out. Quite often, interviewers will revert to your CV and base interview questions and scenarios around your previous experience. Be prepared and know your CV like the back of your hand!”

Natalie Donegan, Human Resource and Compliance

"Prepare well for your interview, research the company, your and the location. Practice common interview questions, study the job description and be prepared to show your strengths and achievements in previous roles. Be confident, smile and always look your interviewer in the eye. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Julie McAllister, Branch Manager

“One of the top techniques is looking up ‘common’ interview questions, and practice your answers beforehand. Make sure you’ve also prepared for a few niche questions about the industry and company too, just in case.

“To minimise stress on the day, familiarise yourself with the route to the interview: find out where you’re going, whether parking will be available, and look up public transport timetables in advance. Make sure you allow enough time for delays and consider whether you have to walk at the other end. It might be worth doing a practice run, to make sure you’re as relaxed as possible on the day.

“When you arrive at the interview, smile, be confident and stay calm. If you’ve done the preparation, you can’t go wrong.”

Lynda McLaughlin, Branch Manager