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At Connect Appointments we work with many regulatory bodies, to ensure the services we provide are legally compliant, personalised, and the best they can possibly be.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

REC is a representati on body for the recruitment sector, with a network of over 3,500 members. Being part of REC enables us to access the latest professional support services regarding employee relati ons, employment law, immigration, Brexit and labour market trends.

Our membership is our promise to clients to deliver the right people for their businesses and off er services of the highest quality, marked by professionalism and care.


As a multi-sector labour provider, we recognise that our practice reflects on our clients’ reputation and position in the goods supply chain. As a result, we take our clients’ operational standards extremely seriously and we consider them as highly as our own.

Our partnership with Sedex enables us to manage and minimise risks, and make informed decisions to improve business performance surrounding labour rights, health and safety, and the environment.

The Sedex membership is a pledge to our clients to continuously self-assess our standards, to ensure full transparency and integrity.

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

The GLAA licensing scheme protects candidates from exploitation in the agriculture, shellfish, food and drink manufacturing industries.

Possession of a GLAA license is a legal requirement, to allow us to supply candidates to these sectors. Our license ensures our candidates are protected from mistreatment in the workplace, which is a priority for

Connect Appointments.

Our candidates exemplify the work we do, and we’re committed to ensuring everyone using our services is treated fairly, and receive the pay and working conditions they deserve. 

Stronger Together

Stronger Together is a businessled co-operative, working with the GLAA and various charities to identify and tackle human exploitation. Many of our candidates are migrant workers – the group most vulnerable to exploitation – and so we ensure our staff are well-educated to understand the risks, incorporating exploitation safeguarding into our recruitment and ongoing labour co-ordination.

We treat the safety of our candidates with the highest importance, so we complete an annual accreditation process and are regularly audited by our clients to ensure we maintain high standards of exploitation risk management.

Our commitment to you is ensuring we provide both our clients and candidates with services that protect their rights, businesses and their wellbeing.
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For more information about our accreditations, click here.
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