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Job hunting isn’t always the stress-free process we hope it will be. We caught up with some of Connect Appointments’ longest serving members of staff for their tips on making the process as seamless as possible.

Gary Sloss


First impressions are very important and first contact will often be by phone, so find a quiet room and have a copy of your CV to hand. Also, remember to smile and stand up while talking on the phone. Doing both injects your voice with more energy and strength.

When invited for your interview make sure you research the company beforehand, be punctual and dress appropriately: it’s best to over-dress than arrive too casual.

Lynda McLaughlin


Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for by looking over the job description, details and the skills required. Make yourself an obvious fit.

Don’t overthink as this will only lead to being stressed. Just relax, be yourself, make sure you stand out and at the end of your interview, always thank your interviewer – you’d be amazed at how far this simple act of courtesy can go.

Matthew Reeves


Take time to find out about the company, understand what the role is requiring of you and research the interviewer. Look up any feedback on the company from outside media sources or online.

Prepare any open-ended questions you wish to ask, plan your journey route, and remember to smile in the meeting – it breaks the ice and helps build rapport. And remember: fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Natalie Donegan


The first part of the recruitment process will be to carry out a telephone interview. First impressions count so this part is just as important as your face-to-face interview. The interview is a chance to really sell yourself.

Bring along a copy of your CV and ensure you can talk confidently about your previous roles and your experience, as this is how we will match you to a role.

William Sim


Having a list of target employers allows you to conduct your job search in a more precise and purposeful manner. Stay active by commenting on, liking, and sharing content, to stand out against other LinkedIn all-stars in your industry.

For people to really get to know you as a professional, you’ll need to engage multiple times. You have to think like a marketer if you are to land your dream job. Recruiters are always scouring social media for new talent. To catch their attention, you have to promote yourself.

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