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It isn’t as hard as you might think at first to pinpoint what an employer is looking for. Get into the mind of a prospective employer as we reveal exactly what a recruiter is looking for. 


Your CV is the first impression an employer will have of you, so it’s important to highlight the skills and relevant experience you have for each individual position you apply for.

Utilise the buzzwords included within a job application to highlight the skills a prospective employer is looking for. In 2018, the top buzzwords for recruiters included flexibility, effective and communication skills.

The phrases can be quite ambiguous, how are you effective? If you can prioritise tasks, are organised and productive that means you can work effectively. Our top tip: make sure to bring all the relevant documentation to your interview with us, we’ll know immediately that you’re prepared.


Displaying the right attitude and work ethic will see you go a long way in any role. Regardless if it is temporary or permanent, taking pride in your work is critical. Plus, showing our recruitment consultants a positive attitude will let us know how you will fit in with our clients.

Similarly, instead of simply listing your personal qualities, go further and provide examples of how these qualities were beneficial in previous work placements. If you’re target-orientated, highlight goals you have met. For resilience, demonstrate how this attitude has helped in former roles in employment or even volunteering.

Showcasing your strong work ethic, willingness to listen and learn from your mistakes, reliability and enthusiasm, means you’re halfway there.


Every role you work in throughout your career will see you picking up a selection of transferable skills. From shot-term positions to a career spanning over years: you’ve got more skills in the bag than you might realise.

Looking for a job in a sector that you feel fully equipped in, or taking a chance to branch out, it’s always important to look at the skills and qualifications you’ve gained over the years to know which are ideal to add to your CV.

Soft skills are non-industry specific attributes, for example leadership and problem solving. Of course, highlight any hard skills you might have gained from previous industry experience.

This could be an industry-specific qualification or certificate, technical skills and training or machine operating licenses – be proud of your skills as it helps you stand out from the crowd and give you a lead over another potential candidate.

It’s a good idea to list both your hard and soft skills in your job application, to showcase all of your strengths and give yourself a boost over other candidates.

The best way to highlight your skills is to look back at your old positions or previous projects you’ve undertaken and decide which soft or hard skills would be best suited for the industry that you’re looking to branch out into. Top tip: always aim to be relevant to a job position.

Now, you know what employers are looking for, you’re well-equipped to fill in that looming application form with confidence.


Believe it or not, but you do have a plethora of skills that recruiters will be looking for and it’s important to highlight those skills on your CV.

But, what should you really be highlighting? We’ve spoken about understanding the buzzwords on a job application, now it’s time to expand your skills.

When it comes to organising, detail how proactive you are at meeting deadlines, a team player or problem solve.

For communication, which is essential in all roles, detail positives in your personality. Don’t forget to include your leadership skills, too, from delegating work, motivating others all the way to getting results in a team. These are all areas that a potential employer will appreciate.

If you are looking to get into a people centred role: patience, sensitivity, diplomacy and being able to support employees is imperative. Make sure you showcase all your skills – this is your time to shine.

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